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Scottish Farmers Markets

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Welcome to the Scottish Association of Farmers' Markets


Farmers Markets are a great place to shop if you want top quality fresh local food, produced with passion and dedication by the stallholders themselves!

Here you can talk to the producers. Ask them how they grow, manage, or farm what they sell, or if its ready to eat - how and where its made. You will find all sorts of wonderful flavours to give a buzz to the taste-buds, and really good value for money.

Its also nice to know that you can build up a rapport and trust with the stallholders over the months, and there's often a bit of fun and friendly banter. And its good to know that stallholders welcome customer feedback as they really want to know how much you enjoy their produce.

Quite unique really!

Farmers' Markets started in Scotland in 1999 and since then have expanded to encompass an amazing variety of foods and produce, sometimes spiced up with a few exotic offerings from other countries, or a selection of quality crafts.

But the main emphasis is still on local produce, where you can buy the genuine article, and enjoy really good food at fair prices. And often, rather special produce which is not readily available elsewhere - so food with a difference.

Farmers Market near you

Please click here – and this link will take you to the Taste of Scotland website page with a list of Farmers’ Markets in Scotland. Some of the smaller markets do change, so you are advised to check that the details are correct for the market of your choice by visiting the website or email.


Would you like to become a producer and sell at a Farmers' Market?

First make sure you have read the information leaflet produced by SAFM and Foods Standards Scotland. You can download a copy of the leaflet here AND why not also take a look at the coaching programme for local food producers at :

Then go to , find your target market and contact the individual market organiser to see if they can accommodate you. The markets are all run by different people and organisations, with varying application processes, criteria for entry, stall availability and charges.

Thinking of setting up and running a Farmers' Market?
There's lots to consider and its worth talking to other market organisers. Or, if you are thinking of a one-off event, why not talk to the organisers of a regular market near you to see whether they could help you with stalls and useful contacts.

For the Market Organisers' Checklist - click here for more information.

For all other enquiries and more information please click here

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