Scottish Farmers Markets
Scottish Farmers Markets


Market Organisers Checklist - Setting Up A Market

Service/Agency Area of advice/ legal requirements and good practice relevant to setting up a farmers' market

  • Local Authority Environmental Health
    Food Safety, food labelling and ingredients.

  • Local Authority Trading Standards
    Weights & measures, pricing, Animal health

  • Local Authority Legal services
    Street traders licence ( for individual traders - liquor licence, game dealers licence.)

  • Local Authority Planning
    Planning consent if necessary.

  • Local Authority Roads 
    Traffic management - in conjunction with the local police. Parking of traders' vehicles.

  • Local Authority Cleaning and Waste collection 
    Maintenance of venue and arrangements for disposal of waste.

  • Police 
    Traffic management, crime prevention.

  • Fire Brigade 
    Fire safety requirements

  • Hire Companies 
    Hire of generators if on-site power not available, (Cables and fittings should comply with outdoor use). Toilets in certain circumstances

  • Insurance Company/ Broker
    Public Liability insurance, a risk assessment will be required.

  • Suitable Stalls
    Consider hiring or buying, look on line for manufacturers, visit other markets and see what's used, ask market organisers for tips. Consider the site, level of exposure and the  type of stall best suited. 

Please Note that in some local authorities, responsibilities will differ to those above.

Market Day Checklist and Tips

  • Condition and suitability of site.

  • Ease of access with nearby public parking

  • Electric supply, cables should be sited carefully and comply with safety regulations.

  • Marshalling - market organisers and helpers should have vests or arm bands that are clearly visible to both traders and public.

  • Marshalling is important to prevent congestion at the beginning and end of the market when traders' vehicles are on site for setting-up / packing up.

  • Traders using electrical equipment should supply valid electrical certificates.

  • Traders to supply food training and hygiene certificates (and any game dealers / liquor license as appropriate)

  • Traders to supply public Liability Insurance certificates

  • Traders have the responsibility to ensure that their facilities at the market are sufficient to ensure the safety of their products.

  • Hand wash facility available (Traders should supply their own soap and paper towels).

  • Waste Collection arranged (traders should be advised to remove their own rubbish and leave their site clean & tidy)

  • Market Organisers should keep their stalls clean and in good state of repair at all times

  • Good publicity is essential prior to the market day and for future markets and events.

  • Any music should be kept at low volume so as not to upset local residents. Traders should not be allowed to use amplifying equipment or shout to encourage custom.

  • The market manager or appointed stand-in should be on site at all times.

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